Richelle Jolley, CPM

  • Complete Prenatal Care
  • Phone consultations whenever questions or concerns arise
  • Birth supplies kit provided/included 
  • Advice on health/nutrition/supplements 
  • Individualized and devoted delivery attendance and support
  • Water birth at request
  • VBAC 
  • Twins
  • Experienced in breech delivery
  • Postpartum checkups in your home
  • Breastfeeding advice and support
Midwifery Services

In the home childbirth unfolds as a beautifully intimate process. 
Family bonds are blessed as parents create their birth experience together. 
The heart, will, and desires of a birthing woman are fully expressed as she welcomes her child into her sanctuary. 

Why choose to have a home birth with a  Certified Professional Midwife?

     #1- CONTROL: Control of the events  of birth rightfully belong to the Mother, with freedom to choose how and where she desires to deliver.  
     #2- ATMOSPHERE: Comfort, familiarity, family unity, convenience, privacy, & enhanced spiritual  connection all come naturally with a home delivery.
     #3- CONTINUITY of CARE: There is comfort in knowing that the same midwife who has cared for you throughout pregnancy will be there for the birthingtime and postpartum care. 
    #4- SAFETY: Planning a birth at home with a CPM has been proven to reduce the rate of c-section and the risk of birth trauma.
    #5- Respectful treatment
    #6- Personalized attention
    #7- Plenty of information
    #8- Appropriate Monitoring
    #9- Confidence in your body and 
          your abilities

Birth in the haven of your home
Midwifery Model    of Care